"Castles of OKTOGONIA"

Castles of OKTOGONIA for ZX Spectrum 48k

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ROM ZX Spectrum Original © Amstrad PLC.
Amstrad have kindly given their per­mission for the redistribution of their copyrighted material but retain that copyright.


1. Plot

Four castles in the OKTOGONIA region have been invaded by the evil forces of Evila.

You are Fairja, the protective fairy of the region and the only hope of liberating the castles.

2. Instructions

Hidden inside each castle there are 4 magic crystals, find them to invoke the force of Espectruma and liberate it. Taking the fourth crystal in a castle will take you automatically to the next castle; take the fourth crystal in the fourth castle and you will win the game!

To unlock the exits in the chambers you must push the magic emeralds to a determined configuration that you will see indicated with white squares. ALL CONFIGURATIONS ARE SOLVABLE. Read the advices if you get stuck.

In some chambers, pushing the emeralds to the indicated configuration you will get life energy recharges (there are more than 20 in the first castle) or the magic crystals!

Avoid contact with the wraiths that roam the castle... or you will lose one life energy unit.

3. Advices

Magic emeralds return to their initial positions when no one is looking. So, if you can reach the chamber entry, you can just exit and enter again to retry without costing you one life energy unit.

The magic crystals and the life energy recharges stay on the place they appeared till you take them even if you exit the chamber and come back later. If you are plenty of life energy (3 units), you can leave the recharges you find till you need them.

If not already at full charge, it's also wise to get the recharges you leaved near before you take the last crystal in a castle, because once you go to the next castle you can't go back to the previous one.

Since each castle has more than 200 chambers, is advisable to go making a map to not get lost; crystals andlife energy recharges are ALWAYS at the same chamber, so you can mark it on the map and you will always find them.

It's NOT necessary to walk all the chambers in a castle to liberate it, you just have to take the four crystals. In the first castle, it is possible to take his four by unlocking less than 20 chambers when you already know where they are.

As you move away from the starting point you will find chambers that contain more emeralds to place. Each castle increases the maximum number of emeralds you can find in one chamber, until the last castle where most of the chambers contains 4 emeralds.

Good luck!

4. Controls


Save and restore to/from browser functions playing on the web are experimental features and may fail, so it's higly recommended to download the .TAP file from la the download section and use an emulator.

Moving emeralds:

To push an emerald you don't need to press any key, just walk against it in the direction you want to move it.

The 'R' key will cast the reconfiguration spell that will put the emeralds in his original configuration and will teleport you to the entry of the chamber, but... THIS WILL COST YOU A LIFE ENERGY UNIT.

Fairja control:

Option '1' (keyboard):

Use 'O','P','Q','A' keys to move left, right, up and down respectively.

On touchscreens, drag over the game square to move you.*

Option '2': (Kempston joystick):

Use keyboard arrows to move.*


F3 save game on browser.

F4 load game from browser.

*only playing on web; check your emulator documentation for these functions

5. Indicators

On the column at your right you will see the number of life energy units you have below a heart. You will lose a unit with the contact of a wraith or if you cast the reconfiguration spell ('R' key). You can not accumulate mora than 3 units.

Below the life energy indicator there are the four crystal indicators initially off that will turn on as you go taking the crystals.

6. Beta testers

7. Statistics
First Castle
  Screens Emeralds
2 emeralds 49 98
3 emeralds 70 210
4 emeralds 0 0
5 emeralds 0 0
TOTAL puzzles 119 308
wraiths 127 0
recharges 31 0
TOTAL castle 246 308
Second Castle
  Screens Emeralds
2 emeralds 30 60
3 emeralds 59 177
4 emeralds 29 116
5 emeralds 1 5
TOTAL puzzles 119 358
wraiths 123 0
recharges 34 0
TOTAL castle 242 358
Third Castle
  Screens Emeralds
2 emeralds 45 90
3 emeralds 45 135
4 emeralds 17 68
5 emeralds 0 0
TOTAL puzzles 107 293
wraiths 121 0
recharges 24 0
TOTAL castle 228 293
Fourth Castle
  Screens Emeralds
2 emeralds 11 22
3 emeralds 44 132
4 emeralds 62 248
5 emeralds 4 20
TOTAL puzzles 121 422
wraiths 126 0
recharges 40 0
TOTAL castle 247 422

TOTAL game: 963 screens, 466 puzzles, 129 recharges

Game solutions are given from this point on.
STOP reading if you wanna solve it by yourself!

8. Maps

First Castle
Second Castle
Third Castle
Fourth Castle

9. Videos