ROM-Run for OKTOGONIA for ZX Spectrum 16/48k


ROM ZX Spectrum Original © Amstrad PLC.
Amstrad have kindly given their per­mission for the redistribution of their copyrighted material but retain that copyright.


1. Plot

OKTOGONIA planet is dying. His essential harmonic, which vibration allows life on it, is diminishing.

You are Arlaina, the more skilled dron pilot at the controls of a virtually unlimitted supply of "Silvered Grinder" drons commited to find and amplify the resonance point of the four satellites around OKTOGONIA planet: Glass, Ruby, Pink Quartz and Emerald. Once the resonance points are found and amplified, OKTOGONIA planet will resonate and the life on it saved!

2. Indicators

3. Instructions

Pilot "Silvered Grinder" dron into crystal satellites till it finds the resonance point.

4. Controls


Save and restore to/from browser functions playing on the web are experimental features and may fail, so it's higly recommended to download the .TAP file from la the download section and use an emulator.

"Silvered Grinder" control:

Use 'A' and 'D' keys to move left and right respectively.


F3 save game on browser.

F4 load game from browser.

*only playing on web; check your emulator documentation for these functions

5. Advices

It takes a while to get it, but keeping the movement key pressed "grindding" over cliffs and do a timely accurated key release works better than repeatedly pressing the key.

Once you get it, the four missions can be achieved in less than 20 minutes.

Good luck!

6. Beta testers

7. Code (download TAP file)

0        1         2         3         4         5         6         7         8
1 DATA 1,-21,18,16,"!",2,0.01,"↑",4: LET L=1: LET W=224: DIM H(21): POKE 23562,0 2 RESTORE : READ I,A,C,P,M$,E,T: PAPER 0: INK L: BORDER 0: CLS : POKE 23692,0 3 LET C=ABS (C+SGN (PEEK (L*985+A)-92)): LET H(I)=C+3: LET I=1+(I AND I<21) 4 LET K=ABS (CODE INKEY$-98): IF K<3 THEN LET P=P+K*2-3: POKE 23692,0: OUT 254,0 5 PRINT AT 21,0;"oOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoO",AT 20,C;"Oo ": OUT 254,16 6 PRINT INK 7;AT 0,P;"V": REM © victor@oktogonia.com (https://www.oktogonia.com) 7 LET A=A+1: IF A=W THEN LET L=L+1: LET W=128+L*96: READ M$,E: GO TO 9 8 IF A<0 OR ABS (P-H(I))<=1 THEN GO TO 3: DATA 99,1," ▞▞ SAVED OKTOGONIA ▞▞" 9 PRINT #1;AT 0,13-L/9;M$;" (";A;")": BORDER E: IF L=5 THEN READ L,T,M$: GO TO 9 10 FOR N=0 TO (E-3)*E*4 STEP E-3: BEEP T,24+N: BEEP T,30+N: NEXT N: GO TO 2+T*9
code © victor@oktogonia.com. License cc-by-nc-nd.

Game solutions are given from this point on.
STOP reading if you wanna solve it by yourself!

8. Maps

First Level
Second Level
Third Level
Fourth Level